KIDDO Community

KIDDO Gippsland, in a town near you!

KIDDO Gippsland is physical activity done differently and is a program every child and their parent can enjoy while learning. We aim to create confident and healthy individuals now and later in life, and invite all parents and caregivers along on the journey with us. 

Our KIDDO Community sessions run for the duration of the term, and focus on two fundamental movement skills per term. We focus on these two skills through games based play, where we reinforce the skills throughout the range of games. These sessions finish with 15 minutes of free play with our equipment, following the research of the importance behind child led play. During the term we complete a movement assessment at the beginning and the end, measuring the child’s ability in the two focus skills. We are then able to provide a report at the end of term marking the child’s progression through those skills and their national percentile based on the database across the country.

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