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What is KIDDO?

KIDDO is built around the principals of Physical Literacy, which is about building the skills, knowledge and behaviours to lead active lives.

The principles are:

  • Physical

    The skills and fitness a person develops and applies through movement. This includes coordination, balance, flexibility, agility, strength, endurance and reaction time.

  • Psychological

    The attitudes and emotions a person has towards movement and the impact they have on their confidence and motivation to move. This includes confidence, motivation, self-perception, and self-regulation of emotions.

  • Social

    A person’s interaction with others in relation to movement. This includes relationships, collaboration, ethics, and culture in society.

  • Cognitive

    A person’s understanding of how, why and when they move. This includes safety and risk, rules, reasoning, strategy and planning, perceptual awareness and tactics.

KIDDO Community

KIDDO Gippsland, in a town near you! KIDDO Gippsland is physical activity done differently and is a program every child...

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The Team

The KIDDO Gippsland team are passionate about providing Gippslanders with inclusive and fun opportunities to participate in physical activity. Our Program Coordinator is dedicated to working with KIDDO Coaches to design and deliver fun and engaging sessions to provides kids with the confidence, motivation, skills and knowledge for continued lifelong active participation.

KIDDO Coordinator: Renee Panayiotou
Program Coordinator East Gippsland – Yvonne Porter
KIDDO Coordinator: Renee Panayiotou

KIDDO Coordinator: Renee Panayiotou

Renee joined the KIDDO Gippsland team in April 2022.

Before joining KIDDO Gippsland, Renee worked in customer service in the retail industry for over 10 years while also studying Bachelor of sports promotion and events management at Monash University. 

As the KIDDO Gippsland Program Coordinator, Renee oversees all the programs and projects within Latrobe and Baw Baw while supporting the East Gippsland team. 

When Renee is not in the KIDDO world, you can find Renee on the soccer pitch kicking the ball around every Sunday with Latrobe United WFC or hanging out with her two cats drinking lots of coffee! 

Program Coordinator East Gippsland – Yvonne Porter

Program Coordinator East Gippsland – Yvonne Porter

As the Program Coordinator for East Gippsland, I oversee all of the amazing programs and projects we are a part of within East Gippsland. I have previously worked for Netball Victoria & Victoria University across participation, coach development, sociological research and wrote a thesis on building and maintaining culture in sporting teams.

When I’m not travelling around beautiful East Gippsland spreading the joy and connection that comes with sport and physical activity, you can find me at the netball courts- either at Lakes Entrance or in Melbourne in the Victorian Netball League. I am one of 52 netball coaches in Victoria with an Advanced accreditation and one of 13 based regionally.



“I’m so excited to be doing this. I’m sad that we’re not doing kicking. I’m good at throwing so I can help my friends when we go back to kinder.”
“I hope you come again, I kicked the ball so high at home because you said kick with top”
“Why do you have to go home?”

One from the kids..

“I am so glad these games are all adjusted so my daughter can still participate with Cerebral Palsy”.

Definitely Inclusive

“She asks us every day, when is sport kinder?Last night she set up an obstacle course for her dolls at home” 

You have a fan!

“She joined in much more this week, thank you for your efforts.” 

She is Learning

“I’m a PE teacher and I think you do a great job. You connect with the kids really well. I only teach one year level, but this groups is so mixed, you do a really good job.” 

What a Program!

Excited for the next week. We have been practising heaps at home!

KIDDO Gippsland

Educator said that although all the kids parents can’t be involved, all the parents cam back the next day saying how amazing the program was. One child slept through the night for the first time.

KIDDO in an Early Learning Centre


Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to KIDDO Gippsland & East Gippsland.

We can be contacted on the details following or please complete the form below to send us a message.  

GippSport - Head Office

Traralgon Sports Stadium
Catterick Cres,
Traralgon VIC 3844
Ph: 5176 3020